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Thompson Defense Academy

(TDA) Kids will:
-Learn to share
-Develop a sense of independence
-Develop speech and language
-Promote physical strength
-Promote coordination and stamina
-Build fundamental learning skills
-Follow directions
-Problem solve
-Show self-control
-Act respectfully

TDA Kids classes are structured, disciplined and high energy, and your child will thrive in the atmosphere. We want our students to grow up to be well mannered citizens. TDA Kids will wear a gi uniform and start with a white belt.

TDA Kids will acquiring the proper skills as they advance through the ranks from white belt to black belt.

MMA & taekwondo

Thompson Defense Academy provides a new and effective style of taekwondo to Western Arkansas.  Our MMA & Taekwondo is suitable for ages 5 and up, providing kids, teens, and adults with leadership skills, confidence, discipline and more.  MMA and Taekwondo develops a positive mental attitude through the students building a strong foundation in the basic skills of the martial arts, including blocks, punches, kicks, stances as well as basic sparring.  Start getting the best benefits for your children today and sign them up today by calling 479-763-4282.